In a previous article I raised the issue of ‘TRUST’ and ‘who do you turn to for financial advice’.

The article highlighted the issues that the High Street banks were facing and the fact that many of them were withdrawing their customer facing financial advisers, others had reduced their number of advisers and some will only deal with you if you have above a certain amount of money.

To the point; I was approached last week by a retired lady (who will obviously remain nameless) asking for advice on her maturing bond with a High Street Bank (the name of which will also remain anonymous).

Her initial words to me were ‘I hope you can help me; I don’t know who to ask’.

She had been to her Bank and asked for advice on what to do with the maturing funds, this is the Bank that she has been with for many years and invested her money with for a number of years since she retired.

Her banks response was ‘Best you shop around’.

‘Was that it?’ I asked, ‘Yes’ she replied.

As you can imagine, this lady was appalled at the lack of service she had received from a Bank that she had a long term relationship with.

From my point of view, I was pleased as I could help the lady and have now gained another valuable client but, as an ex banker, I was also appalled that a Bank could take that attitude with one of their customers.  What has the world come to?

At Hoskin Financial Planning, we are open for business.  You will receive the same care and respect if you have £1 or £1,000,000 of course your needs might be different but we will provide to you, the services that are appropriate, you require and are happy with. We do not turn people away who are looking for advice.

If your Bank won’t help you with your savings and investments, we will.

We want to help our clients achieve the best from their financial and personal goals across all elements of financial planning including protecting loved ones and long term plans.

Hoskin Financial Planning, ‘Your Pathway to a Secure Future’.