Charity Golf and the Money Making Machine
Saturday, 11 August 2012 a very hot summer’s day. Three men in an estate car, three sets of golf clubs and all the paraphernalia!

A charity golf day in aid of Orchid, fighting male cancer. A worthwhile charity dedicated to supporting people affected by male cancers through a range of services, education and awareness campaigns and an innovative research programme.

According to Orchid, ‘Over 37,400 men will be diagnosed with a male specific cancer in the next 12 months’.

The event raised in excess of £3000.

As a Financial Planner I have helped many clients protect themselves against the financial impact of sickness on their ability to earn money.

Just imagine for one moment that you own a machine that you keep in your shed at the end of your garden (bear with me). Once a year, you pop to the end of your garden, go into the shed, press a big red button on the machine, the machine starts up and churns out £30k (legitimate money). You do this year in year out and the money the machine makes for you meets all your expenses, allows you to enjoy nights out and holidays every year.

The question is, would you insure your money making machine against fire, theft, breakdown etc?

The answer, I believe, would be: ‘Yes, of course I would’.

Well, theoretically, you are that machine. You go out to work and earn the money to pay the household bills, mortgage, groceries, nights out, holidays etc. What would happen if you brokedown, got damaged through accident or sickness and you were unable to work and earn money? How would you meet your financial commitments?

There are different policies that can be put in place to safeguard you against the financial difficulties that could arise from such circumstances.

Don’t leave it to chance, policies can be written to suit all budgets; some protection is better than no protection.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind!

Paul Hoskin IFA
Hoskin Financial Planning